I was born in Bangkok and grew up in a household where cooking was a passion.  My family in Thailand have run a variety of Thai food businesses over the years, from market stalls selling specific street food dishes to a restaurant with a Thai Muslim menu that my family are well known for.


In our household, cooking skills have passed from generation to generation.  As far back as I can recall I remember watching my mother helping my grandmother preparing ingredients for both selling and for me my brothers and sister.  I have fond memories of the delight I would feel at opening my Pinto lunch box every day.



It was these memories and a passion for the food I grew up with that inspired me to choose the name Siam Pinto for my first little Thai food takeaway shop in the UK in 2009.  We have thoroughly enjoyed serving our local community of Greenford since we opened in 2009.  We are grateful to all of our lovely customers that have been ordering from us over the years and we are thrilled when we receive your thoughtful and encouraging feedback.

  Thank you, Kob Kun Ka    

Fresh Cooked Food,
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